Detect visual changes and regressions with visual testing

Catch visual bugs before your customers do and ship visually perfect UI with every release.

What is Visual Testing?

Visual testing automates the detection of UI changes through screenshot comparisons, offering pixel-level precision, uncovering subtle differences, and broadening coverage.

Why do you need visual testing?

Automate the process of detecting visual changes and regressions before they slip into production.

Functional tests are not enough

Functional tests only check for behavioral outcomes, not UI changes. It is difficult to assert visual correctness with code.

Manual testing is not scalable

Applications today run into hundreds of screens and components. Checking all of them for visual consistency manually is inefficient.

Responsive tests are complex

Visual testing compares each configurable responsive width against the baseline and helps you automate responsive testing.

Increase your test coverage with visual testing

Visual testing complements existing test suites by detecting visual bugs and regressions in websites or apps. It doesn't replace functional validation but ensures visual integrity and appearance.

Reliable visual testing solution to eliminate the risk of shipping visual bugs

Detect visual changes with accurate comparisons and deliver pixel-perfect software with every release.

Collaborative visual reviews

App Percy automatically updates the status in your pull requests whenever visual changes are detected.

Intelligent element handling

App Percy automatically handles and disables dynamic page elements such as dates, and times on status bars.

Leveraging existing test suites

App Percy integrates with your CI/CD workflow, supporting popular frameworks, languages, tools & integrations.

How visual testing with Percy works


Integrate App Percy with your CI/CD workflow.


Run visual tests on every commit.


Review visual changes with your team.