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Instant Selenium testing on desktop browsers, real iOS and Android devices. Say goodbye to your internal Selenium grid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Automate Mobile and Automate Pro?

The key difference is that Automate Mobile offers real mobile devices and desktop browsers for you to test on. Automate Pro only offers desktop browsers and select mobile emulators.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes! The Automate trial gives you 100 minutes of testing time, 5 parallels and 5 users.During the trial, you get full access to all our browsers and real devices.

Who typically uses BrowserStack Automate?

More than 25,000 global companies rely on BrowserStack, including industry-leaders like Microsoft, ING, Mastercard, Dow Jones, Garmin, National Geographic, Volvo, NRK, HubSpot, Walt Disney and AngularJS, to name a few.

Who does Selenium testing?

Typically, developers, functional leads, quality assurance testers, quality engineers or engineering managers write, run and manage test automation.

What does BrowserStack Automate offer?

Automate is a platform that offers an infrastructure for scaling Selenium testing across a maximum coverage of browsers and devices in the market.

What is Selenium? How is Selenium used for testing?

Selenium is an open-source suite of tools that automates web browsers across different operating systems. It is widely used to automate the functional testing of websites and web applications.