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Test your native and hybrid apps on 20,000+ real iOS and Android devices including iPhone, Pixel, Samsung, etc. using BrowserStack SDKs optimised for Appium

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Built for Appium

Integrate effortlessly

Integrate with BrowserStack using Appium and other testing frameworks.

Speed up your test runs

Test your builds faster by running tests concurrently across thousands of devices.

Real Device Cloud

Instant access to wide range of Real iOS and Android devices for more accurate App testing results.

Test dev servers

Test your apps on internal development and staging environments or behind firewalls, with zero setup or configuration.

Debug and fix instantly

Debug your Apps instantly using text logs, video recordings and screenshots of the test run.

Easy App Upload

Never upload the same build twice. Use REST API to query your most recent builds or upload a new build.

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Over 50,000 companies trust BrowserStack

Piotr Kowalczyk @pierre_habibi Thank you god for @browserstack <3 Css magic...#Apple #testing #programming #FrontEnd
Luis H. Ball Jr. @luishbjr1 @browserstack Local appreciation tweet 🥰 Browser’s refusal to ship meaninful JS feature flags makes it necessary to be able to test on older versions.Local makes that a breeze ⛵.
Fatih Battal @fatihtweeting @browserstack I love you😘 Nothing more. That's it.
Kevin Basset @kvnbsst Big fan of @browserstack for cross-browser testing. If you're building a #PWA, it's an absolute must-have. #nocode #iphone #safari #web #browser
Rajendra Kadam @rajendra_ak Use @browserstack to automate tests on many more devices than those in your farm.
Code With Caen @CodeWithCaen Trying out @browserstack and am completely blown away. Currently playing around with visual testing using Percy. Super excited I got a sponsored #opensource plan too!