Community Marketplace Airtasker Increases Automation Efficiency 12x With BrowserStack

Thanks to BrowserStack, Airtasker simulates and checks user-behavior before shipping new code daily to 2 million users without worrying about hardware infrastructure.


Enabling DevOps to ensure continuous regression-free delivery of new features and functionality to the growing Airtasker community

Airtasker is a trusted online marketplace for its 2 million+ users to either outsource everyday tasks or complete tasks to earn money. As they began to experience hyper-growth, it became imperative to reduce their manual quality assurance testing effort and invest in building an Automation Framework.

Upon starting his role as Airtasker’s Senior Automation Engineer, Kanak Kalburgi’s first priority was to find a scalable cloud solution for devices and browsers to support the company’s critical growth phase.

“We had a massive backlog of features that had to be tested and we were increasing our employee base. There were hardly any Q.A. resources within the company and it was causing a bottleneck,” says Kalburgi.

In an effort to hit the ground running, Kalburgi proposed Airtasker implement a test automation framework from scratch, coupled with continuous integration (CI) and a stable platform of browsers and devices.


Top-notch customer service, simple documentation, and unbeatable reliability.

“The big thing for us was to be realistic. It wasn’t worth our while to reinvent the wheel and spin up our own infrastructure for browsers, devices, and their own drivers. Instead, we looked for a scalable and on-demand solution. And that answer was BrowserStack.”

Any time a need came about, BrowserStack identified root causes of specific problems and recommended the right solutions.

Now using BrowserStack Live to manually verify Airtasker across browsers, and BrowserStack Automate for automated cross-browser testing, Kalburgi is achieving his goal of continuous delivery. More recently, his team has started to use BrowserStack App Automate.

“The fact that we have unlimited executions on BrowserStack for our current level of subscription gives us great value. It’s hard to imagine how we could have scaled to this level without being able to run tests at our own beck and call. Now, there is no way we’re going to ship code before BrowserStack gives us the green light.”


Embedding a culture of continuous delivery with shorter feedback cycles.

Airtasker uses Browserstack every 30 minutes, generating 500+ daily tests which represent every critical state of their user journey. This allows Airtasker to check multiple states in parallel, helping them ship code multiple times per day.

“Our mobile team aims to release new versions of the app each week. We want to ensure that when we deliver code, all of our bread and butter scenarios work well for every user,” says Kalburgi.

Airtasker also tests their master suite of regression tests on-demand using BrowserStack.

“It currently takes us just 15 minutes to verify all of our core scenarios and eliminate any manual intervention for regression testing. When we want to speed up and run all scenarios in an even shorter timeframe, we benefit by running more sessions in parallel on BrowserStack.”

In combination with BrowserStack and their ‘Aircheck’ framework, Kalburgi can spin up multiple tests to get results fast.

“We want the team to know the value they create, so we display a live dashboard in our Sydney headquarters of the latest BrowserStack test results. Thanks to BrowserStack, we have reduced the amount of time it takes for us to enhance employee productivity.”

With their first international expansion to London, Kalburgi’s focus is now on the future.

“With multiple deployment regions on the horizon, we decided that BrowserStack needs to be integrated sooner and more often into our development cycle.”

With a strong focus on providing value to the sharing economy, Airtasker now generates $100 million worth of jobs each year.




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Regression checks cut from 3 hours to 15 minutes, resulting in a 12x increase in productivity with BrowserStack Automate.

“BrowserStack App Automate tests ran nearly twice as fast for us than the competing product.”
Kanak Kalburgi
Senior Automation Engineer, Airtasker
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