Dollar Shave Club reduces the risk of visual regressions with automated visual testing

Percy has helped Dollar Shave Club in maintaining integrity over visual changes across their growing engineering team


To maintain quality control over each of their customer touchpoints, the team knew they had to automate their UI test processes

Founded in 2011, Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is a grooming membership service that delivers personal grooming products and mind-enriching content to millions of members monthly. As a growth-driven company reaching a diverse customer base, DSC has built one of the most innovative product teams in the e-commerce space, combining a test-driven and design-centric engineering culture.

Dollar Shave Club’s growing team of developers has to keep up with the speed of their growing business while maintaining the quality of their digital products. Their extensive CI and test frameworks help them ensure that their websites work from a functional perspective each time the code is released. However, that level of confidence didn’t extend to how their site looked.

As an e-commerce business, DSC relies on their external facing web properties to not only function as intended, but look perfect as well; they know how each element impacts their business. From call-to-action buttons to menu layouts, DSC pays close attention to the integrity of its user interface, ensuring that every potential and existing customer has a perfect web experience.


Percy has helped DSC in maintaining integrity over visual changes across their growing engineering team.

Percy worked with Dollar Shave Club to integrate automated visual reviews into their extensive processes, frameworks, and libraries. The extra level of automation gives their team control over preventable mistakes while saving time and resources.

Dollar Shave Club’s strong testing culture and constant drive to improve their product experience are directly tied to their business outcomes. Ensuring that each button, CTA, form, menu, icon, image, modal, both works, and appears as intended is crucial. As a mobile-first organization, that commitment also extends to experiences across screens and devices. Percy highlights visual changes across responsive breakpoints, giving them the ability to mitigate risk with no additional effort.

With 20+ frontend engineers on their team, DSC has adopted cutting-edge dev tools and processes to help them continuously integrate and deploy hundreds of times a day. As their engineering team and web products have grown, automated visual testing has made it easy to efficiently detect avoidable mistakes before they’re released to production. Dollar Shave Club has truly improved their visual testing review processes, ensuring their apps are pixel-perfect while minimizing time spent manually testing.









"At Dollar Shave Club, our frontend UI team is committed to delivering quality interfaces and Percy folds neatly into our workflow. Now engineers are able to more confidently deploy to production, giving us another stop-gap for preventing both visual and technical regressions."
Jacob Kelley
Engineering Manager, Frontend UI at DSC
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