Your All-in-One Cross Browser Testing Platform

Live is more than just a cross browser testing tool. It’s your personal cloud of 3000+ real devices & browsers, constantly updated and instantly accessible—whenever you need it, wherever you are.

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Instant access, anytime

Whether you're testing or debugging, spin up any browser and device combination you need in a matter of seconds.

Fragmentation, solved

Access the latest Android and iOS devices and an exhaustive range of browsers – from legacy versions to the latest beta and dev releases.

Device labs, ditched

Remove the hassle of maintaining, and upgrading your in-house device lab. Jump right into testing and focus on what really matters.

3000+ combinations on the cloud


Windows and macOS

One-click access to 10 macOS and 5 Windows versions. From Snow Leopard to Big Sur, and Windows XP to 10 – we’ve got you covered.


Every browser, all versions

IE 6 through 11, Edge 80 through 90, and every version of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Yandex. Constantly updated, instantly available.


Real Android & iOS devices

Test across iPhones & iPads (iOS 3 to 14) and Google, OnePlus, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Samsung phones & tabs (running Android 4.4 through 9.0).

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“BrowserStack allows us to have access to tons of different configurations that we could never host ourselves…it’s as if the machine were right there in our office. It’s amazing!”

Alexandra Schultz, SDET

Access local dev environments

With Local Testing, you can test your development and staging environments on Live. Test internal websites, web apps, and design folders, behind firewalls and proxies, or on internal setups. Live also supports custom self signed certificates on mobile devices. Now you can test your URLs without having to pay for a CA certificate.

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Designed for developers. Reproduce, debug, and resolve issues to ship bug-free web apps

With Live, you can debug your website on Android & iOS devices with pre-installed developer tools in Chrome & Safari browsers. Get access to source maps for debugging, support for Lighthouse for performance testing, and a faster debugging experience that feels as good as your native browser.

Designed for developers
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“That’s the biggest fear as a front-end developer—that you are going to inadvertently push code that works on one browser but not on another. BrowserStack gives us confidence in our code releases. We know for sure we’re not breaking things and we’re not going to negatively impact customer experience.”

Hyunoo Park, Full Stack Engineer

Purpose built for teams. 50K teams use Live to test, collaborate, and deliver quality

Live is built for all kinds of teams - Engineering, Product, Support, Marketing, and Growth. Give your whole team access to 3000+ real devices & browsers and save over 30%. Achieve quality through collaboration and test anywhere, anytime.


Test across geographies

Test location-based scenarios like translation, currencies, and timezones. With Live you can now see exactly what your users see across 45+ countries.


Build for accessibility

With built-in accessibility features like Screen Reader, Live lets you deliver a superior web experience to every user, including those with visual impairments.


Connect your tools

Live integrates with Jira, GitHub, Trello, and Slack letting you report bugs and notify the right teams—without leaving your dashboard.

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“BrowserStack is perfectly suited for design, marketing, and technology teams. With BrowserStack, our clients can rest assured that a digital design from us functions and renders properly and consistently across all browsers and devices.”

Andrew Palios, Art Director

Enterprise-class features

Our platform is built to make large teams successful and ship with confidence.

Priority support

Priority support

Senior support engineers, response time SLAs and on-call support.

Effortless scalability

Effortless scalability

Achieve build goals with ease. Scale
on-demand with parallel testing.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on

Leverage SSO to easily integrate your teams into BrowserStack.

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