Why doesn’t BrowserStack Live support DevTools on Chrome in iOS devices?

As part of Live sessions, we provide access to *real Chrome browsers*, released by Google. Chrome browser uses WKWebView on iOS devices as part of v48. To support DevTools for iOS devices, the target browser needs to implement Safari Remote Debugging Protocol which is restricted by Apple for release versions of WKWebView apps.

When can we expect this feature?

Our team is keeping an eye on every release of Chrome as well as iOS to see if the aforementioned restriction is lifted.

Are there any workarounds?

As of v73, Chrome has added a new feature where users can view only JavaScript logs by visiting `chrome://inspect` on the browser. Please follow the below steps,
- Open `chrome://inspect` on a browser tab.
- Open another tab and navigate to your website.
- Now once you switch back to the `chrome://inspect` tab, you would see all the JavaScript logs.
Please make sure to keep the `chrome://inspect` tab open for this feature to work.