What logs are available for troubleshooting test failures?

For every test run on BrowserStack, Text Logs, Visual Logs, Console Logs (for Chrome browser only), Network Logs (for Desktop browsers) and Raw Logs are captured that can be accessed from the automate dashboard by navigating to the particular session or using the REST API.
  • Text Logs captures the series of steps ran in the test. It displays the Selenium errors for the failed step
  • Visual Logs captures the screenshots generated at various steps of the test
  • Console Logs captures the browser console logs at various steps of the test to troubleshoot javascript issues. You can download raw console logs using the REST API
  • Network Logs captures the browser performance data such as, whitelisting and blacklisting content, network traffic and latency, and HTTP requests and responses. You can download network logs using the REST API
  • Raw Logs are the raw selenium logs for the entire session

You can access these logs from the automate dashboard