Test website speed
on real browsers & devices

SpeedLab scores your website on important performance metrics so you can optimize your page speed to deliver the best user experience.


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Ensure peak performance with SpeedLab

Test on real browsers and devices. Get unmatched accuracy.

Measure your website speed across a range of real iOS and Android devices and desktop browsers. Get a testing environment best suited to cover all real-world conditions, for the most accurate results.

Find bottlenecks and debug them with actionable performance insights

Track the timing of key events with Navigation Timing API and know the time spent by the browser's main thread with CPU Processing Stats. Visualize loading with Film strip, and get the entire summary of elements loaded with Page Resource Summary.

Benchmark Performance with user-centric metrics

Explore key user-centric metrics like Page Load Time to find the time taken by all elements on the page to render across browsers, FCP to measure the first time any content is loaded, and Speed Index to measure how quickly your page renders visual elements.

Troubleshoot with downloadable resources or real-time testing.

Debug browser-related issues either by viewing and downloading HAR logs for all network requests or by starting a real-time test on BrowserStack Live.