Enable and Disable Pop-Ups

Enable or disable pop-ups in your Selenium tests across different browsers

Enable pop-ups

You can enable pop-ups in Chrome, IE and Safari as follows:

Pop-ups are enabled by default (as the pop-up blocker is disabled, by default).

To enable the popups in IE, use the browserstack.ie.enablePopups capability.

caps.setCapability("browserstack.ie.enablePopups", "true");
caps["browserstack.ie.enablePopups] = "true"
desiredCap.SetCapability("browserstack.ie.enablePopups", "true");
caps["browserstack.ie.enablePopups"] = "true"
var capabilities = {
  "browserstack.ie.enablePopups" : "true"
$caps["browserstack.ie.enablePopups"] = "true";
$caps->{"browserstack.ie.enablePopups"} = "true";

To enable the popups in Safari, use the browserstack.safari.enablePopups capability.

caps.setCapability("browserstack.safari.enablePopups", "true");
caps["browserstack.safari.enablePopups] = "true"
desiredCap.SetCapability("browserstack.safari.enablePopups", "true");
caps["browserstack.safari.enablePopups"] = "true"
var capabilities = {
  "browserstack.safari.enablePopups" : "true"
$caps["browserstack.safari.enablePopups"] = "true";
$caps->{"browserstack.safari.enablePopups"} = "true";

Disable pop-ups

  • For all browsers except Chrome, the pop-ups are disabled by default.
  • If you have enabled them using the steps in the previous section, remove the code that disables the pop-up blocker to disable popups

Disable pop-ups in Chrome

For Chrome, the pop-up blocker is not enabled by default. To enable the pop-up blocker, create a chromeOptions capability, and pass the disable-popup-blocking as excludeSwitches.

ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions();
options.setExperimentalOption("excludeSwitches", "disable-popup-blocking");
caps.setCapability(ChromeOptions.CAPABILITY, options);
caps = Selenium::WebDriver::Remote::Capabilities.chrome
caps["chromeOptions"] = {}
caps["chromeOptions"]["excludeSwitches"] = ["disable-popup-blocking"]
using OpenQA.Selenium.Chrome;

DesiredCapabilities capability;
ChromeOptions chromeOptions = new ChromeOptions();
chromeOptions.AddAdditionalCapability("excludeSwitches", "disable-popup-blocking");
capability = (DesiredCapabilities)chromeOptions.ToCapabilities();
caps = DesiredCapabilities.CHROME
caps["chromeOptions"] = {}
caps["chromeOptions"]["excludeSwitches"] = ["disable-popup-blocking"]
var capabilities = {
  "browserName" : "chrome",
  "chromeOptions" : {
    "excludeSwitches" : ["disable-popup-blocking"]
$chromeoptions = array("excludeSwitches"=>array("disable-popup-blocking"));
$caps = array("platform"=>"WINDOWS", "browserName"=>"chrome", "chromeOptions"=>$chromeoptions);
$caps->{"chromeOptions"} = { "excludeSwitches" => ("disable-popup-blocking") };

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