Integrating Jira with BrowserStack

Integrate Jira with BrowserStack to easily file bugs.


The BrowserStack Jira integration allows you to easily file bugs while you are testing your web app on the BrowserStack platform. Our integration automatically adds all the metadata about the platform you are testing on, including:

  • Browser and Browser Version
  • OS and OS Version
  • Device
  • Screen Resolution

We additionally allow you to annotate screenshots and file this in Jira.

This guide will help you:

  1. Integrate your Jira account with BrowserStack.
  2. Report bugs to Jira while testing on BrowserStack.
  3. Manage your Jira integration


Before you can start integrating Jira in BrowserStack keep your hostname (, Email Address (Registered with Jira) and Password or API Token (More Information on API token) handy.

Integrating Jira with Browserstack

Integration of Jira in Browserstack has been kept to a simple one-click process.

Step 1: Once you start your testing process from the Live dashboard, click on the Report Bug button to start the Integration process.


Step 2: Click on the Integrate with Jira button.


Step 3: Enter your Jira credentials such as your Host Name (Eg:, your email address registered with Atlassian and your Atlassian Password. Now click on the Connect to my Jira Account button. If you are using Single Sign-On, you will need to generate an API token instead of your password. In order to get the API token, visit the following Atlassian link.


Reporting a bug through Jira

Once the integration of Jira with BrowserStack is completed, you can start filing issues and bugs in Jira.

Step 1: Once you find a bug in your testing process, click on the Report Bug button in the toolbox to file the bug in Jira.


Step 2: Provide annotation to the screenshot by using the Annotation Toolbar at the top.


Step 3: Fill in the details of the bug such as the Project under which you want to report the bug, the type of issue you want to report and the summary. You can additionally provide a description to explain your issue further. We will autofill the source URL which you were testing, the browser and its version, the Operating System and its version and the resolution of the screen on which you were testing.


Step 4: You can additionally fill in the custom fields which your organization has created in Atlassian by clicking on the More Fields button.


Step 5: Once all the bug details have been filled in, click on the Create Issue button to report the issue in Jira.


Manage your Jira Integration

You can easily manage your Jira integration by going to the Integrations page available in the Account section.


The Integrations page will be your central place to manage your different integrations. Additionally, you will find information about upcoming integrations which are part of our roadmap.


If you are using a bug filing tool which we do not support currently, you can suggest the same in the Suggestion Box available at the bottom of the Integrations page.

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