Test Observability: Debug Your Tests Faster

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Sourav Kundu
Product Manager
Sourav Kundu is our Product expert, leading the development of the Test Observability Tool for BrowserStack. He is currently leading the framework support initiative from creation of MVP to public release for Test Observability. Previously he was spearheading the development of the DevOps automation testing product of BrowserStack.
Priyanshu Chhazed
Product Marketing Manager
Priyanshu is a Developer turned Product Manager turned Product Marketer. With 11 years of experience spent across functions, she has played crucial roles in scaling products with exceptional unicorn startups.

About the event

During the process of scaling up test automation, ensuring the reliability of test suite can become a roadblock. Identifying false failures and flaky test cases can keep you from discovering critical failures faster.

If you’re spending more time checking if your test failures are genuine than on fixing and improving tests, then test reporting tools aren’t enough.

Join us in the webinar- BrowserStack Test Observability: Make your test suites more reliable, and learn how you can continue to increase your test coverage without compromising on the stability and reliability of your tests.

What you’ll learn

  • Overview & key features of BrowserStack Test Observability platform
  • How to debug failing, flaky and slow tests with Test Observability



Key features and how to test on Test Observability


Learn how to test faster, improve test suite quality and collaborate better

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