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Test Mobile and Web apps at scale on a secure cloud with 3000+ Real Devices and Browsers. Use parallel tests to deliver quality software at speed.

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Why Global Dev teams believe in BrowserStack

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Automate helps agile teams test for quality at scale

Ship every release confidently with Automate in your pipeline.

Deliver the best user experience

Create amazing software for your fragmented web and mobile audience. With instant access to 3000+ desktop browsers and real mobile devices, easily grow the coverage of your cross browser testing. Deliver a seamless user experience across every browser and device.

Speed up testing for faster releases

Speed up testing for faster releases

Test at scale without compromising speed or accuracy. Run Selenium tests on our high performance grid for quick, deterministic feedback. Accelerate build verification by over 10x with parallel execution of your tests, including UI testing, functional testing and regression testing.

Scale with a reliable Selenium grid

With Automate, you have the flexibility to scale as your testing grows, without having to worry about updating versions, adding devices, managing capacity, and most importantly, maintaining stability. We give you the reliability of a fast, 24/7 available Selenium testing infrastructure that supports all the testing in your CI pipeline.


BrowserStack is for everyone

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For developers

Easily debug and resolve issues to ship better code, faster.

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For QA testers

Ensure flawless experiences on every browser and device.

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For teams

Bring your team together to deliver quality.