Talks from Breakpoint 2020

Ritesh Arora Play Play
30 mins

Welcome & Keynote

Ritesh talks about BrowserStack’s growth, the journey so far, and the acquisition of Percy.

Praveen Umanath Play Play
30 mins

How the best deliver Quality at Speed

The best engineering teams release code hundreds of times a day. Praveen analyzes data from millions of tests to find out how they test, how frequently they test, and more. Learn how these companies test fast to release continuously and how this ties into the larger engineering strategy.

Mike Fotinakis
50 mins

Automating visual testing with Percy

Even the smallest changes in code can lead to visual bugs that are hard to detect, especially in agile teams releasing multiple times a day. Mike explains how you can automate visual testing with Percy to catch visual bugs with every commit, along with best practices for running your first visual test.

Lawrence Mandel Play Play
50 mins

Technology constraints drive automation

Microservices and a heterogeneous environment are touted as freedom for developers. But is complete freedom good for innovation and productivity? Lawrence shares how Shopify is opinionated about their technology, how it supports automation efforts, and how this benefits developers.

Guillermo Rauch Play Play
50 mins

The URL that will change testing and QA forever

Backends as a service, CI/CD, Jamstack, and serverless infrastructure have an underrated benefit of massively speeding up software testing and QA. Guillermo explains how your next software project can benefit from these techniques to be fast, scalable, and iterated on more frequently.

Abesh Rajasekharan Play Play
50 mins

Build vs. Buy: The enterprise software conundrum

It can be difficult to choose between the flexibility of building home-grown solutions and the speed offered by a tried-and-tested third party option. Abesh discusses the build vs. buy dilemma and various factors to consider before making the final decision.

Todd Eaton Play Play
50 mins

Transforming testing methodologies: From manual to robust strategies

Millions of people around the world rely on and for daily updates, so testing is of utmost importance to the team. Todd shares how they evolved from manual (with a little functional automation) to a robust testing strategy utilizing targeted exploratory testing—with faster-automated regression, visual inspection, and more—to support multiple releases a day.

Brian Lucas Play Play
50 mins

How to win in software development with tighter feedback loops

Engineering organizations crumble under their own weight without proper investments in fast, reliable, modular mechanisms to build and test software. Brian talks about the specific investments you can make to improve velocity on your build and test processes, by focusing on feedback loops—no matter the size or maturity of your organization.

Maja Frydrychowicz Play Play
30 mins

Firefox and the push for simpler Cross-Browser Testing

Whether you already have cross-browser testing in place or are just considering test automation, you are faced with many trade-offs and a fragmented ecosystem of browser automation tools. Maja examines automation support from a browser vendor’s perspective and goes over new developments in Firefox that will lead to a better cross-browser testing experience for all.

Pekka Klärck Play Play
40 mins

Basics of Robot Framework

Pekka covers the basics of Robot Framework, the syntax to create tests, best practices on creating your own higher-level domain-specific keywords, and a quick look at the library API.

Nupur & Omose Play Play
50 mins

Decentralized Testing

Twitter’s Quality Engineering team designed a framework that’s fast, yet flexible, supporting all types of testing, like component-level testing, integration testing, UI testing, data testing, and visual testing. Nupur and Omose explain how they used a decentralized architecture to build an agnostic testing framework that catered to all product needs—while empowering testing at scale.

Kevin Lamping Play Play
40 mins

WebdriverIO: The next-gen Automation Test Framework you should know about

Kevin dives into the benefits of WebdriverIO, why he recommends it as his top choice, how you can set up your automated testing environment, and how you can best utilize the built-in functionalities and flexibilities to extend the framework on your own.

David Burns Play Play
40 mins

Beyond WebDriver!

David describes how Webdriver is shifting to a new bi-directional communication model which allows it to evolve and adapt, as well as offer new capabilities to testers. Learn about a new world of possibilities, one where you can maintain your old tests and upgrade them to new features as they become available.

Alan Richardson Play Play
50 mins

Automating to Augment Testing

Automation isn’t just to enable testing—it can also be wielded to support testing. Once tests pass, they fail when the system changes, but we can automate the change detection work. If we write abstraction layers well, we can reuse them to create ad-hoc tools or ad-hoc scenario execution. In this talk Alan speaks about the different ways in which automation can help us, using case studies and his own experience.

Crystal Preston-Watson Play Play
50 mins

After the audit: Integrating accessibility into the testing process

Accessibility isn’t a one-time project. It’s an ongoing initiative whose continued success is built on ensuring that existing and future features (and products) remain accessible. In this talk, Crystal Preston-Watson will discuss how to integrate accessibility into your testing workflow by focusing on realistic changes, along with techniques and approaches for post-accessibility audits.

Benjamin Bischoff Play Play
50 mins

How we reconstructed our releases at Trivago

Trivago’s core QA processes and technologies have evolved through well-defined responsibilities, a bigger focus on test automation, and continuous delivery leading to stable releases. Benjamin explains how the Trivago team refined their QA process and overcame technical and adaptive challenges, the role of their end-to-end test automation, and the technologies behind it.

Priyanka Halder Play Play
50 mins

Modern automation approaches

Is it possible to get 100% confidence while releasing multiple times a day? How do you keep up with this speed while assuring quality? Priyanka covers modern automation techniques to concur quality at a record pace, especially for hyper-growth startups that need to innovate at a much faster pace than usual.