Engineer Your Path to Success

An immersive workshop for Engineering graduates to stand out amongst the crowd

Shyam Veerina
Senior Vice President, Engineering, BrowserStack
Shyam is a technology executive with 25+ years of experience in product innovation, software engineering, and management. Currently Senior VP of Engineering at BrowserStack, he excels in cloud computing, big data, machine learning, and more.
Nitesh Sethi
Director of Engineering, BrowserStack
Nitesh is a technical leader with extensive experience in leading high-performing product and platform teams. He has a proven track record of solving complex problems at scale and is passionate about driving innovation.
Akshay Minocha
Senior Engineering Manager, BrowserStack
Akshay seized the opportunity to join BrowserStack as an engineer within the mobile engineering team. His instrumental role in establishing the data team was a precursor to his contributions to the Percy India team. Currently, Akshay oversees the visual testing Percy org in BrowserStack in the role of a Senior Manager Engineering.
Yash Saraf
Engineering Manager, BrowserStack
Yash is a part of the SDK and Local testing teams at Browserstack. He has been a part of BrowserStack’s journey for over 5 years now and has helped create an impact in multiple parts of product development ranging from customer-facing product engineering teams to platform engineering teams handling business behind the scenes.
Vishalan Gharat
Engineering Manager, BrowserStack
Vishalan is working as an Engineering Manager at the CTO's Initiatives. He has close to eight years of experience and loves to search for moments of happiness in the "catch" block of the exceptional realm of technology.
Jasjeet Singh
Manager Talent Acquisition, BrowserStack
Jasjeet is a TA Professional with over 14 years of experience in Recruitment, Stakeholder Engagement, Resourcing & Development, and Candidate Management. Experienced in working in an Indian, Global and high matrix landscape and driving positive outcomes.

About the event

BrowserStack Catapult is back! This immersive workshop for engineering graduates will unlock the secrets of thriving at a fast-growing startup and equip you with the tools to navigate your perfect career path.

The speaker panel will dive deep into the diverse landscape of various engineering roles including AI/ML, strategies to ace machine coding interview rounds with confidence and resume-building best practices.

BrowserStack Catapult isn’t just an event; it’s an investment in your future. It’s the rocket fuel you need to propel your career dreams into orbit.

What you’ll learn

  • Get bird’s-eye view of the various roles and career paths at growing startups
  • Overview of machine coding rounds in interviews and best practices for cracking them
  • Dive into BrowserStack’s growth journey, present landscape, and diverse career paths
  • Insights into optimizing your profile and growing your professional network

What our past attendees have to say?

Sanket "Thank you BrowserStack for conducting the BrowserStack Catapult workshop. It was very insightful and knowledgeable. We had amazing speaker sessions, ending with a thought provoking session, from CTO of BrowserStack Nakul Aggarwal, which was hosted by Abhishek De"
Shashwat "Very knowledgeable and interactive session. Thanks to the BrowserStack team for organising this."
Dev Vaghani "Although I come from SDE background I really like this meetup. Learnt about BrowserStack culture and how you are solving real world problems unlike other.Keep up the good work. It will be my pleasure to become part of this fabulous team. | Product Meetup"