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Hear from the experts of the most popular frameworks for web application testing

David Burns

David Burns

Head of Open Source


Jan S

Jan Scheffler

Software Engineer



Amir Rustamzadeh

Director of Developer Experience (DX)


Kevin Lamping

Core Contributor


Talks from Summer Of Learning 2021

Jan Scheffler Play Play
55 mins

Web testing with Puppeteer

In this talk, Jan Scheffler gives a quick overview of Puppeteer and how it works. He then dives into how you can use Puppeteer to test different aspects of your web applications.

Amir Rustamzadeh Play Play
55 mins

Cypress: The Future of Web Application Testing, Today

Cypress is a forward-looking and ever-evolving tool for testing modern web applications. Amir Rustamzadeh shows how to get up and running with Cypress in your day-to-day development workflow. Then, he dives into understanding how to tame flaky tests in our test suites, leverage next-generation network stubbing and spyings APIs, and more. He finally ends the session by revealing a brand new and unprecedented way to test components. You’ll walk away with practical knowledge that you can use in your workflow right away.

David Burns
55 mins

Selenium in Java, the basics and what's coming!

In this talk, David shows you how to get started with a project in Java—he takes you through the basics and then demonstrates how you can start using some of the newer features in Selenium to get the most out of your tests!

David Burns Play Play
55 mins

Nightwatch, the JavaScript framework you need

David shows you how to get the most out of your JavaScript test with Nightwatch, how to get started and to make your JS projects easier to test. He also shows how you can integrate it into other projects and achieve the best results.

Kevin Lamping Play Play
55 mins

WebdriverIO: The UI Test Framework That's Here To Stay

Since its creation almost a decade ago, WebdriverIO has undergone several evolutions. From a simple Node.js-based Selenium interface, to now a full-blown test automation framework, with support for multiple protocols and dozens of service integrations—the WebdriverIO project has shown that it’s got the power to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of automated testing. In this talk, Kevin Lamping covers the WebdriverIO project—he looks at how it has its sight set on the future, bringing you cutting-edge features—all while supporting a mature testing toolset.