Introducing BrowserStack SDK - A new way to run tests!

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Aliakbar Attarwala
Senior Product Manager - Automate
Aliakbar is a self-taught Designer & Developer turned Product Manager. With over 12 years of experience in product development, he has played crucial roles in scaling Design and Engineering teams with exceptional startups.
Vignesh Piramanayagam
Product Marketing Manager
Vignesh is a DevOps and Infrastructure Engineer turned Product Marketer. He is passionate about technology and the impact devs & QAs can make in our everyday lives.

About the event

BrowserStack is excited to announce the launch of BrowserStack SDK. This plug-and-play solution will enable you to integrate and run your entire test suite on the BrowserStack Automate in a matter of minutes, with zero code changes.

Alternative cloud platforms require modifying test scripts and manually orchestrating parallel tests, making it a cumbersome process to integrate with solutions.

The benefits of the BrowserStack SDK are not just one-time either. With organizations shifting testing further left and adopting test-driven development approaches, the BrowserStack SDK saves time every time a new script is written.

Check out our blog on BrowserStack SDK for more details.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the BrowserStack SDK and why did we build it?
  • How to become a BrowserStack Automate power user with the SDK
  • Best practices for BrowserStack Automate