Regain control over test infrastructure spend

Consolidate on a cloud-based solution with real devices. Get on-demand access to over 3000+ desktop/ browser/OS combinations instantly

“Consolidate with BrowserStack and reduce your testing time from days to hours and minutes”
Get a free test infrastructure evaluation of your current spend, and see how you can save better

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“With BrowserStack, we have more options – more functions & features we can use. My team has real hardware available and accessible at a moment’s notice. These ancillary benefits have helped speed up teams”
Ryan Deckers
Ryan O'Neil, Senior Manager at Deckers Brands

Seeing higher costs with multiple test infrastructure platforms?

Scale your testing, minimize costs, and enhance developer productivity with the right partner


Multiple contracts and invoices

Tracking multiple invoices and payments for different platforms in use


Cost of maintaining device labs

Device maintenance, procurement is complicated and expensive


Non-availability of latest devices

Increasing wait times for access to newly launched devices


Inferior support and downtimes

Maintenance related downtimes due to lack of redundancy and/or proper failover

Why consolidate your test infrastructure with BrowserStack?

Lower latency, greater performance

Experience ‘NO’ maintenance downtimes with 19 data centres in 13 Locations worldwide with 99.9% uptime SLA


Significant cost savings

Direct cost savings over private cloud and in-house device labs by switching to BrowserStack’s Elastic Cloud.

Focus on testing, not test infrastructure

Eliminate the effort to develop and maintain a feature rich grid. Rely on us to do the heavy lifting, while you test at scale


Instant access with zero wait times

Get on-demand access to devices & browsers. No reservations required, and no waiting for a device to be freed up.

Seize the opportunity to consolidate your test infrastructure

Join our experts on a fireside chat as we discuss the need to

• Future-proof investments – Instant access to newly launched devices (like iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S23 etc) while still have full access to the older ones

• Enable better performance, uptime and availability while supporting global teams and customers

• Achieve direct cost savings over private cloud and in-house device labs


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