Automated Selenium testing on Desktop and Mobile Browsers

Instant Selenium testing on desktop browsers, real iOS and Android devices. Say goodbye to your internal Selenium grid.

Trusted by more than 25,000 customers globally

  • Harvard University uses BrowserStack


Real devices and browsers

Harness our Selenium grid to test on 2000+ real mobile devices and desktop browsers.

Parallel test runs

Run hundreds of tests concurrently to speed up the execution time of your test suite by more than 10x.

Seamless integration

Integrate in minutes using popular languages and frameworks. Add BrowserStack to your build pipeline using our CI plugins.

Test on dev environments

Test websites hosted on development environments or behind firewalls with zero setup or configuration.

Comprehensive debugging

Debug with ease using video recordings, automated screenshots of errors, text logs, console logs and network logs.

Security & Privacy

Test with the assurance that your data is secure and tests run on pristine machines, which are wiped clean after every session.

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Enterprise-class features

We help big teams ship with confidence. Leverage our Enterprise platform built to make large teams successful.

Priority support

Senior support engineers, response time SLAs and on-call support.

Effortless scalability

Speed up your releases by testing concurrently across thousands of browsers and mobile devices.

Single sign-on

Leverage SSO to easily integrate your teams into BrowserStack.

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