Are you a Champion?

A global community of passionate QA experts, dedicated to advancing software quality, continuous learning, and making an impact in testing and development.

Benefits of joining the Champion Program

Learning Opportunities

Invaluable learning opportunities & insights from top minds in the field of Quality.

Global Network of Experts

Connect, Network and collaborate with experts from across the globe.

Showcase Your Expertise

Share your learnings & Contribute to gain recognition & earns social capital

Get a head start

Receive invites to preview & experience new products, features, tools.

Stay ahead of the curve

Direct access to BrowserStack insiders’ updates & news.

Rewards and Recognition

Earn Rewards, Recognition, and Exclusive Giveaways.

BrowserStack Community Programs

BrowserStack Early Access Program

Get exclusive access to our new products & features! This program empowers you to influence our product roadmap and provide invaluable feedback, ensuring that we develop solutions that meet your specific needs.

BrowserStack Meetup Program

Lead BrowserStack Meetup Group to bring together QA professionals in your local area. Expand your knowledge, exchange ideas, and build connections within the vibrant QA community.

BrowserStack Test University

We have built a one-stop destination to kickstart your learning journey and become an expert with BrowserSack

What does it take to be a BrowserStack Champion?

Passion for quality

You are constantly looking to push boundaries to build better software products.

Lifelong learner

Believes in constant learning, educating & sharing knowledge.

Wants to make a difference

You believe in the power of community and networking.

Hear it from the Champions

Learn from Champions

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With Indian roots and a Californian identity, Priyanka brings a unique outlook to her work. Priyanka's career is a testament to her ability to tackle intricate DevOps and QA challenges using cutting-edge technologies.

Spotlighting the BrowserStack Champion - Benjamin Bischoff

In this interview, Benjamin shares insights into his background, experience with the Champions Program, and advice for new QA engineers.

Spotlighting the BrowserStack Champion - Viv Richards

In this edition of the spotlight, we have Viv Richards, who is a Director & Lead QA Consultant at Rubber Duck Consulting and Platform Test Lead at Equal Experts. Let’s get to know a little bit about them.