Cross-device visual testing for native apps

End-to-end visual testing of your app on hundreds of real iOS and Android devices, not emulators.

Hero unit App Percy

Ship pixel-perfect apps at speed and scale

With App Percy, you can simultaneously run visual and functional testing for your native applications on real mobile devices hosted on BrowserStack Cloud. App Percy is powered by Percy Visual Engine—the core algorithm that uses computer vision for image comparisons to help you ship faster and with confidence.


Cross OS

Cross-Device & Cross-OS rendering

Test your application on real iOS and Android devices on demand, highlighting specific visual diffs on each device.

Percy Visual Engine

Percy Visual Engine

Image processing powered by machine learning and computer vision that highlights only the most significant changes.


Seamless Onboarding

Start testing with minimal changes to your existing test scripts.

Parallel Testing

Parallel Testing

Designed to support any parallelized test environment and configurable for custom setups.


DevOps Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with popular CI/CD and SCM tools. Jenkins, Travis CI, GitHub and many more.


Appium Support

Supercharge your automated app testing by integrating with App Percy using Appium.

Review changes and keep your teams updated

App Percy's collaborative features are designed to enable efficient workflows.

Status Report

Status Reports

App Percy’s review workflow keeps teams informed with automatic status updates, notifications, and comments during each visual review.

Effortless Review

Effortless Reviews

App Percy’s snapshot comparisons and automatic diff matching make it easy to review visual changes even in complex apps.

Integrated Workflow

Integrated Workflows

App Percy maintains baselines, branch logic, and approval carry forwards, keeping your reviews in sync with your workflow at all times.

For individuals & teams


For Developers

Easily debug and resolve issues to ship better and faster.

QA Engineers

For QA Engineers

Ensure flawless app experience on every device.


For Teams

Bring your team together to deliver quality.