Nightwatch 2.0 in action

  • Calendar14th December, 2021
  • Clock8 AM PT | 4 PM UTC

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David Burns
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Selenium 4 - What's new and how you can use it!

In this webinar, David will talks about how Selenium 4 would impact your tests and how you can start using it straight away

Breakpoint 2021
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Breakpoint 2021

A 2-day virtual summit on everything testing. Hear from QA leaders at Google and Salesforce to core contributors at Selenium, TestCafe and more, check out Breakpoint 2021.

Summer of Learning
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Summer of learning

A 5-part webinar series, where experts deconstruct popular testing frameworks like Cypress, Puppeteer, Selenium, WebdriverIO and Nightwatch.

Previous Events


Shift in testing and continuous delivery

In this webinar, Kavitha will break down the industry-wide shift in testing to achieve continuous delivery.


Automated visual testing for Netlify sites with Percy

Learn how to automate visual testing for your Netlify websites

Roy de Kleijn

Optimizing test automation for speed, robustness and increased coverage

Learn how to make your Selenium test scripts more robust with syn. optimizations.

Derek Ross

Scaling your mobile testing strategy

Learn how to develop a mobile testing strategy and how to utilize different frameworks with BrowserStack to create a continuous delivery pipeline.

Simon Berner

Mobile app testing strategy: How to get it right?

Learn about the different mobile testing strategies, their advantages and disadvantages and their respective challenges.

David Burns

Manual Testing – Fill the gaps in your QA strategy

Learn how you can enable your remote team to leverage the power of manual testing to create great user experiences.

Benjamin Bischoff

Finding the balance – Trivago’s End-to-End test strategy

Learn how you can effectively organize your E2E tests & speed up build and feedback times

Mike Fotinakis

Automating visual testing with Percy

Learn how Percy automates visual testing and helps in detecting the most elusive visual changes.

Syam Sasi & DK Prabhagharan

Carousell's automation journey with BrowserStack

Learn how Carousell is running tests against each pull request with effective parallel execution with the help of docker containers.


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