Plug and play accessibility automation

Automating accessibility testing doesn’t have to be laborious. Meet the only tool that integrates within seconds, automatically captures & reports issues, and doesn’t require any maintenance at all!

Automated Tests
Integrates in seconds

Just enable a simple code flag in your SDK config file to integrate accessibility testing into your builds.

Zero build maintenance

With auto DOM change monitoring, you avoid any additional maintenance, regardless of how your builds evolve.

Monitor build health

Ensure accessibility at all times using smart accessibility summaries and historical issue trends.

Integrate in seconds, no matter the framework

Just install the SDK for your framework and enable a code flag - that’s all
it takes to integrate accessibility testing into your regression builds.

Automation simplified with automatic
DOM change monitoring

Accessibility Automation monitors your DOM with every build run,
triggering accessibility scans wherever any changes are detected.

Configurations, scope & assertions

Test the entire suite or specific test cases. Choose to display best practices issues,
select your preferred WCAG version & use assertions to control issue infiltration.

Reporting that inspires action

Access all reports from the past & present on one dashboard. Use insightful summaries of unique issues to prioritise with ease.

Central reporting dashboard
Central reporting dashboard

All test reports are stored in the central repository. View quick test summary as well as dive deeper with smart issue summaries.

Auto De-Duplication
Auto de-duplication

Save hours of de-duping effort as all duplicate issues are automatically removed before being reported.

Component tagging & grouping
Component tagging & grouping

See critical issues upfront as they are grouped & sorted by their type, the component they affect, as well as the violated WCAG guideline.

Effortless monitoring & debugging for ongoing compliance

Use build health summaries, historical issue trends, test case insights,
and a lot more to debug & monitor your website’s accessibility.

Experience hassle-free accessibility automation

Start testing now!