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You can run your Appium tests on a wide range of real iOS and Android devices on BrowserStack. These are not simulators or emulators but physical devices hosted in our data centers. Use our REST API to obtain a list of all supported Android and iOS devices.

Get device list

GET /app-automate/devices.json

Get a list of supported Android and iOS devices.

Request Parameters


-X GET ""

No parameter required.

Response Attributes 200 OK application/json


    "os": "ios",
    "os_version": "14",
    "device": "iPhone 11",
    "realMobile": true
  • Array

    A list of supported devices.

    • os Integer

      OS of device. Possible values are android , ios .

    • os_version Integer

      OS version of device.

    • device Integer

      Name of device.

    • real_mobile Integer

      Indicates if the device is an emulator/simulator or a real physical device. For App Automate, this value is always set to true

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