Select device

You can run your Appium tests on a wide range of real iOS and Android devices on BrowserStack. These are not simulators or emulators but physical devices hosted in our data centers.

To select a device to test on, use the device capability in your Appium test scripts. You can also set an os_version capability to select a particular OS version for the specified device.

Capability Description Values
device Specify the device to test on. This is a required capability. Use the OS / Device selector below
os Specify the OS. ios, android
os_version Specify the OS version of the device. Use the OS / Device selector below


desiredCapabilities.setCapability("device", "Google Pixel 3");
desiredCapabilities.setCapability("os_version", "10.0");
var capabilities = {
    'device' : 'Google Pixel 3',
    'os_version' : '10.0'
capability.SetCapability("device", "Google Pixel 3");
capability.SetCapability("os_version", "10.0");
$capabilities->setCapability("device") => "Google Pixel 3",
$capabilities->setCapability("os_version") => "10.0"
desired_cap = {
    'device': 'Google Pixel 3',
    'os_version': '10.0'
desired_caps = {
    'device' = 'Google Pixel 3',
    'os_version' = '10.0'

To view the list of supported Android and iOS devices and OS versions, refer to the list of supported devices.