Accessibility testing at scale

Effortlessly identify and report accessibility issues in your website with seamless workflow scanning and central issue tracking.

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Make your websites accessible for everyone, hassle-free and at scale

Release faster and improve productivity with BrowserStack Accessibility. Powered by a workflow scanner, it enables you to save critical hours and manual efforts that were previously spent in re-running scans, collating unique issues, consolidating test reports, and creating VPAT reports.

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Single scan issue identification

Find all issues in your user workflow in a single scan. Just start the scanner and naturally navigate through your webpages.


Auto de-duplication

Duplicate issues are removed automatically, saving you considerable time and manual effort.


Intelligent clustering

Similar issues found across multiple webpages and components are grouped together into clusters, helping you manage them better.

Instant Report

Instant reporting

The Accessibility Scanner automatically collates issues found in a test run into a single shareable report.


Smart WCAG mapping

All issues in the test report are mapped with the corresponding WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) guideline being violated.

Central Issue Tracking

Central issue tracking dashboard

Consolidate multiple test reports into a single report, that can be shared and exported.

Ship accessible websites faster with improved productivity

Capture Bigger Market

Capture a bigger market

Build accessible websites to expand your reach to a bigger market.

Release Faster

Release faster

Improve time to market as you release accessible websites faster.


Enhance productivity

Save hundreds of critical hours previously wasted in manual repetitive tasks.

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Identify and fix accessibility issues faster as you save hundreds of hours with intelligent automation.

QA Testers

QA Testers

Effortlessly verify and report all accessibility issues in your website.

Product Manager

Product Managers

Quickly create VPAT reports as you ensure your website is compliant with WCAG guidelines.