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BrowserStack SDK Configurator

A guide to configure your BrowserStack SDK. Run tests on BrowserStack’s real device cloud of 3000+ devices and browsers.

App Automate

The complete list of capabilities supported by BrowserStack SDK can be found in the browserstack.yml gist file on GitHub.

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Set access credentials

Set userName and accessKey as env variables or directly in the config file.

Enable BrowserStack Local

Test localhost / internal servers in your network

Test Localhost / Staging websites that are not publicly accessible

BrowserStack’s Local Testing feature connects with test suites pointing to your localhost URL

Learn more

BrowserStack Local supports all advanced use cases and restricted networks. Contact our support team for assistance in configuring BrowserStack Local for your enterprise.

Set platforms to test on

Set the browsers / devices you want to test under the platforms object. Our config follows W3C formatted capabilities.

Parallel thread #1
Parallel thread #2
Parallel thread #3

Set number of parallel threads per platform

The parallelsPerPlatform property determines the number of parallel threads to be executed. BrowserStack’s SDK runner will select the best strategy based on the configured value.

Example 1: If you have configured 3 platforms and set parallelsPerPlatform as 2: a total of 6 (3 x 2) parallel threads will be used on BrowserStack.

Example 2: If you have configured 1 platform and set parallelsPerPlatform as 15: a total of 15 (1 x 15) parallel threads will be used on BrowserStack.

Organizing your test suite

Our projectName, buildName, and sessionName capabilities help with organizing your tests on BrowserStack Dashboard.

sessionName is the name of your test sessions and is automatically picked from your test class/spec name. It doesn’t need to be set manually when using the BrowserStack SDK.

Build Name
Project Name

Additional features

By default, BrowserStack provides prettified session logs, screenshots on every failed selenium command, and a video of the entire test. Additionally, you can enable the following features:

Visual logs

Enables screenshots for every selenium command ran

Network logs

Enables network capture for the session in HAR format. Reduces session performance slightly


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