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When a REST API response contains a large number of test cases or test runs, the results are paginated to enhance manageability and performance. By default, you will receive 30 test cases or test runs per page. This document outlines how to navigate through paginated results.

Pagination using page numbers

By default, the first page is listed. To navigate through pages, use the p parameter in the request parameters to load the specific page you want to view.

GET /api/v2/projects/{project_id}/test-cases

An example request with query parameter.

Request Parameters


  • project_id* String

    Identifier of the project.

How do I know if there are more pages?

The pagination information will be included at the end of the API response under info. If the next parameter is set to null, you are on the last page of the results.

Response Attributes


"info": {
    "page": 3,
    "page_size": 30,
    "count": 82,
    "prev": 2,
    "next": null
  • page integer

    Current page number.

  • page_size integer

    Fixed Number of records you will receive per page in API response.

  • count integer

    Total number of records across all pages.

  • prev integer

    Previous page number.

  • next integer

    Next page number.

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