JavaScript testing in the cloud

Instantly test JavaScript across 2000+ browsers and mobile devices.

Warning: JS testing is for running your JS unit tests on different browsers and devices. If you are looking for documentation about running Selenium tests using JS, visit the Automate Selenium documentation!


Automated JavaScript Testing API is a HTTP-based API that can be used to open any URL, in any combination of browser and OS currently available on BrowserStack, to cross browser test JavaScript files.

You can run JavaScript unit tests in any language including testing frameworks like QUnit and Jasmine. Use the BrowserStack API with tools such as Yeti, TestSwarm, JS-test-driver and more, to automate running your JavaScript tests on the BrowserStack cloud. To view the entire list of supported browsers and OSes for JavaScript Testing.

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Note: The Javascript Testing API is free for open source projects. Contact our Support team to know more!

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