Configure Test Running Options

Learn how to configure a list of browsers and devices, and organize tests.

Run tests on multiple browsers and devices

With BrowserStack’s JS testing API, you can run all your JS tests on 2000+ desktop and real mobile browsers. If you are using a test runner or the JS testing API directly, here are the string values you’d need to configure to be able to run tests on the required browsers.

Use the drop-down menus, select a combination of operating system, browser, and screen resolution or a device.

Look for the icon to select a real device.

Protip: If browser_version capability is not set, the test will run on the latest version of the browser set by browser capability.

Organize your tests for better reporting

You can organize your automated tests by projects and builds by using the project, build options. You will be able to search your tests and builds using these values on the Automate dashboard.

It is also recommended that you use the build ID that’s on your CI/CD platform in the build option as it helps you debug easily later.

  // global config of your BrowserStack account
  browserStack: {
    username: 'YOUR_USERNAME',
    accessKey: 'YOUR_ACCESS_KEY',
    'build': 'build #1',
    'project': 'New Marketing Site'

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