JavaScript Test Runners

A list of JS test runners created by our team and our users.

Framework Developed by Description
BrowserStack runner BrowserStack A Node.js command line interface to run JS tests over BrowserStack infrastructure.
Code sample
Karma BrowserStack launcher AngularJS A Karma plugin, which allows you to launch any browser on BrowserStack and run Karma tests. For more information on Karma, please refer to:
Karma homepage
Code sample
Step by step guide
Yeti Reid Burke Yeti is a command-line tool for launching JavaScript unit tests in a browser and reporting the results without leaving your command-line interface. Yeti is designed to work with tests built on YUI Test, QUnit, Mocha or Jasmine just as they are.
Use BrowserStack with Yeti
TestSwarm JQuery Team TestSwarm provides distributed continuous integration testing for JavaScript. The primary goal of TestSwarm is to take the complicated, and time-consuming, process of running JavaScript test suites in multiple browsers and to grossly simplify it. It achieves this goal by providing all the tools necessary for creating a continuous integration workflow for your JavaScript project.
Use BrowserStack with TestSwarm
browserstack-cli Derek Brans A command line interface for using the BrowserStack API.
TestEm Toby Ho A wrapper around BrowserStack’s JavaScript API primarily used for JavaScript Unit Testing and Continuous Integration. Allows you to run parallel tests and test your web applications across the various browsers hosted on BrowserStack. For more information, please read: Use BrowserStack with TestEm
se-runner Daniel Hedenius SeRunner allows you to configure multiple browsers to run your tests against. It also allows you to inject the Selenium WebDriver into each test suite giving you the ability to control the browser from within the tests.
Jasmine Adapter for se-runner
Grunt task for se-runner
Teaspoon Jason Quense Teaspoon is a Javascript test runner built for Rails.
Use BrowserStack with Teaspoon

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