JavaScript Testing API

Learn about the JS Testing API, and the language bindings available.

API overview

BrowserStack HTTPS-based API provides browser-as-a-service. The API that can be used to open any URL, in any combination of browser and OS currently available on BrowserStack.

A common use case of the BrowserStack API is with tools such as Jasmine, QUnit, Mocha, Jest, Yeti, TestSwarm, and more, to automate running your JavaScript tests on the BrowserStack cloud.

You can view the entire list of supported browsers and OSes for JavaScript Testing.

API versions

API version Status Changelog
5.0 Active Added session IDs and dashboard URLs to responses.
4.0 Active Moved all API endpoints to HTTPS.
3.0 Retired Added support for specifying OS versions.
2.0 Retired Added support for Mac OS and mobile devices.
1.0 Retired Automated JS testing for browsers running on Windows.

Using the API

You can use the JS testing API in one of the following ways:

  1. Use one of the supported test runners
  2. Use one of the language bindings for the API
  3. Use the API directly

Language Bindings

Language bindings are a wrapper over the HTTPS API. The language bindings are currently available in:


You can alternatively use the HTTPS API directly. Refer to the documentation on the API’s Github repo for details.

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