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User Management API


BrowserStack supports the use of REST API to manage users and teams.

Base URL

You can automate the process of managing users on BrowserStack using the REST APIs. If you use Teams feature, then you can also make use of these APIs to manage teams and their parallel allocation.

The API follows the general conventions of REST. The API endpoints return responses in JSON format.

What You’ll Need

  1. This is an Enterprise feature.
  2. You need to have authentication via Single Sign-on enabled on BrowserStack.
  3. You can get APIs enabled by contacting your Account Manager from BrowserStack or you can reach out to Support.
  4. To user these APIs,you need to have Owner/Admin permissions. If needed, the access can also be restricted to Owner.

Note: User Management from BrowserStack Organization section may get disabled, as simultaneous use of UI and API to manage users, can result in inconsistencies. If you need assistance during the initial set-up please Contact Support.

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