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Get teams

Returns a list of teams objects.

GET /api/collaboration-tools/v1/teams

Request parameters


-X GET ""
  • unique_user_id* String

    Unique identifier for user e.g. email ID

  • tool* String

    Name of the tool. Allowed values are slack, msteams

  • as_bot boolean

    Indicator that allows you to identify the source/sender of a message as a bot. By using this field, you can attribute messages to a bot entity, distinguishing them from messages originating from user accounts.

Response attributes 200 application/json


    "success": true,
    "data": {
        "field": {
            "label": "Workspace",
            "key": "team_id"
        "teams": [
                "key": "X00XXX!XXX0",
                "label": "TEST TEAM"
                "key": "Y00YYY!YYY0",
                "label": "TEST TEAM 2"
  • success Boolean

    Operation was a success or failure.

  • data Object

    List of all teams (/workspaces)

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