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What is Automate TurboScale?

Automate TurboScale helps you create and manage an Automation Grid on your preferred Cloud provider that supports tools like Selenium and Playwright to achieve Functional Testing at scale.

A sneak peek at Automate Turboscale

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With Automate TurboScale, you can easily execute automated tests written in different frameworks across different browsers and a range of browser versions. This solution provides exceptional flexibility and scalability, enabling you to execute tests on a large scale, speed up time-to-market, and optimize resource usage for improved test stability.

Automate TurboScale simplifies the complexities of setting up and managing a browser automation grid. Our platform offers a user-friendly interface for managing multiple automation grids on your preferred cloud provider. You can now set up a grid closer to your staging and production components, connect your preferred testing framework to this grid and start executing automated tests in minutes. As your testing requirements expand, you have the option to easily scale up the grid accordingly.

In summary, Automate TurboScale is a functional testing solution that helps you create and manage automation grids with ease. It supports browser automation tests at scale with minimal to zero latency.

How does this solution help QA teams?

The browser automation grid helps you with better regression run stability and performance. It brings you the optimized combination of the speed of your local internal grid with the scalable features of the cloud grid. This helps you achieve the following objectives:

Reduce Flakiness & Consistent Test Results

Reduce Test flakiness & improve consistency by configuring the Automation grid based on your need.

  • With an automation grid that spawns the browsers based on demand, increase the stability of your test results by providing a consistent test environment every time the test is run.
  • With the ability to configure the resources behind your tests according to your testing needs, achieve better stability with reduced errors due to infrastructure.
  • With no scope for latency, you can focus on improving the test coverage than spending time improving the flakiness in your test

Achieve Shift-Left Testing

Achieve Shift-Left Testing with massive-scale parallelization and no-added latency

  • You can set up the browser automation grid right next to where other code components are set up irrespective of the geographical region or the cloud provider. This setup eliminates added latency between your client and the browser automation grid server and helps achieve the ideal performance required for test regression.
  • With a browser automation grid that supports testing at scale and lower latency, set up your test automation suite on every code commit and catch bugs earlier. Testing code early often provides faster feedback to developers and helps reduce the waiting hours to merge your code.
  • Now create and set up a browser automation grid for individual teams or different project releases to unblock their automation testing needs without choking the overall pipeline and avoid slowing down the release cycle.

Flexible and Multi-Functional Automation Grid

Automate TurboScale helps with creating flexible and multi-functional Automation Grid

  • The Automation Grid created supports different frameworks like Selenium and Playwright, and will soon support Cypress as well.
  • You can run tests on different Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers set up on Linux OS on the same grid. The grid also provides the ability to configure different versions of browsers based on test requirements.

Visibility over resources behind the Grid

Automate TurboScale helps you build visibility over the resources utilized behind the test sessions, grid and cost of running the setup that helps you customize the settings for running the grid according to your teams and usage

  • We help you with the visibility and trends for the past 7/30 days for resources required by different browsers during the tests so that you can customize the grid setup according to your tests.
  • We help you with visibility over the cost utilization from different services running behind the automation grid so that you can further customize the grid.

Customized Grid as per your needs

Automate TurboScale enables you to create a browser automation grid that can be customized as per your testing and debugging requirements while staying compliant

  • You can configure different types of timeouts to prevent the test execution from running forever or configure the grid to consolidate multiple tests and execute them in a single run for a longer duration.
  • You can configure the test artifacts you want to enable or disable for test debugging purposes. Having the option to disable the artifacts helps you set up the grid with lighter resources which further helps reduce the cost of running the automation.
  • With the ability to configure the number of concurrent sessions you can run, reduce the regression time even further without having to worry about the availability of parallels or execution threads.

Get Started

  1. Follow the step-by-step setup guide here and build your own Automation Grid
  2. Post grid creation, configure your test suite with the Grid URL shown on the dashboard to run tests on the new grid
  3. Start running your test suite and check the test results here


Automate TurboScale is in Beta and we are continuously working on fixes and delivering awesome new features. Join our Beta program and if you have a query or need help with product setup or encounter any issues, please reach out to us. Your feedback is extremely valuable.

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