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Get latest build details API in Test Observability

Use this API to get details of the latest build run from a given project & build, and filter by additional parameters if needed. This API returns a high-level summary of the build run along with smart tags, failure categories, build run metadata, etc.

get latest build details


Request parameters


curl -u "YOUR_USERNAME:YOUR_ACCESS_KEY" \, wdio&framework=WebdriverIO
  • build_name* String

    Specify the unique build name you want to retrieve the latest build runs for.

  • project_name* String

    Specify the project from which you want to retrieve latest build runs for.

  • user_name String

    Filter the search by username. You can find your username from your account settings.

  • build_tags String

    Filter the search by any custom tags that you mapped to your builds.

  • framework String

    Filter builds by frameworks. Allowed values are “WebdriverIO”, “TestNG”, “Mocha”, “Nightwatch”, “Cypress”, “Playwright”, “JUnit5”, “Robot”, “Pytest”, “NUnit”, “Jest”, “Serenity”, “MSTest”, “CodeceptJS”

Response Attributes 200 OK JSON


    "name": "wdio-cucumber-samples",
    "description": null,
    "status": "failed",
    "duration": 254005,
    "user": "AKIIII",
    "tags": [
    "alerts": [
            "alert": "Build duration above 10 secs",
            "level": "CRITICAL"
    "build_id": "81yobvicuiuozd1bncaeegvubey7rbl8naevwets",
    "build_number": 235,
    "original_name": "wdio-cucumber-samples",
    "finished_at": "2024-05-08T12:49:48.656+00:00",
    "started_at": "2024-05-08T12:45:34.651+00:00",
    "status_stats": {
        "passed": 30,
        "failed": 24,
        "pending": 0,
        "skipped": 8,
        "unknown": 0
    "failure_categories": {
        "To be Investigated": 24,
        "Automation Bug": 0,
        "Product Bug": 0,
        "No Defect": 0,
        "Environment Issue": 0
    "smart_tags": {
        "is_flaky": 6,
        "is_always_failing": 5,
        "is_performance_anomaly": 0,
        "is_new_failure": 1
    "unique_errors": {
        "overview": {
            "insight": "96% failures caused by 3 unique errors",
            "count": 4
        "top_unique_errors": [
                "error": "AssertionError:\n    at World.<anonymous> (C:\\ProgramData\\Jenkins\\.jenkins\\workspace\\staging-sanity\\wdio-cucumber\\test-samples\\nodejs\\wdio\\stepdefinitions\/CommonSteps.js:33:16)",
                "impacted_tests": 9
                "error": "Error: function timed out, ensure the promise resolves within 10000 milliseconds\n    at Timeout.<anonymous> (C:\\ProgramData\\Jenkins\\.jenkins\\workspace\\staging-sanity\\wdio-cucumber\\test-samples\\nodejs\\wdio\\node_modules\\@cucumber\\cucumber\\src\\time.ts:52:14)\n    at listOnTimeout (node:internal/timers:557:17)\n    at processTimers (node:internal/timers:500:7)",
                "impacted_tests": 7
                "error": "AssertionError:\n    at C:\\ProgramData\\Jenkins\\.jenkins\\workspace\\staging-sanity\\wdio-cucumber\\test-samples\\nodejs\\wdio\\hooks\\support\/hooks.js:12:14\n    at wrapPromiseWithTimeout (C:\\ProgramData\\Jenkins\\.jenkins\\workspace\\staging-sanity\\wdio-cucumber\\test-samples\\nodejs\\wdio\\node_modules\\@cucumber\\cucumber\\src\\time.ts:55:10)\n    at (C:\\ProgramData\\Jenkins\\.jenkins\\workspace\\staging-sanity\\wdio-cucumber\\test-samples\\nodejs\\wdio\\node_modules\\@cucumber\\cucumber\\src\\user_code_runner.ts:86:16)\n    at Runtime.runTestRunHooks (C:\\ProgramData\\Jenkins\\.jenkins\\workspace\\staging-sanity\\wdio-cucumber\\test-samples\\nodejs\\wdio\\node_modules\\@cucumber\\cucumber\\src\\runtime\\run_test_run_hooks.ts:21:29)\n    at Runtime.start (C:\\ProgramData\\Jenkins\\.jenkins\\workspace\\staging-sanity\\wdio-cucumber\\test-samples\\nodejs\\wdio\\node_modules\\@cucumber\\cucumber\\src\\runtime\\index.ts:103:5)\n    at runCucumber (C:\\ProgramData\\Jenkins\\.jenkins\\workspace\\staging-sanity\\wdio-cucumber\\test-samples\\nodejs\\wdio\\node_modules\\@cucumber\\cucumber\\src\\api\\run_cucumber.ts:125:19)",
                "impacted_tests": 7
                "error": "Error: Can't call setValue on element with selector \"#username input\" because element wasn't found\n    at implicitWait (file:///C:/ProgramData/Jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/staging-sanity/wdio-cucumber/test-samples/nodejs/wdio/node_modules/webdriverio/build/utils/implicitWait.js:29:19)\n    at Element.elementErrorHandlerCallbackFn (file:///C:/ProgramData/Jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/staging-sanity/wdio-cucumber/test-samples/nodejs/wdio/node_modules/webdriverio/build/middlewares.js:15:29)\n    at Element.wrapCommandFn (file:///C:/ProgramData/Jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/staging-sanity/wdio-cucumber/test-samples/nodejs/wdio/node_modules/@wdio/utils/build/shim.js:90:29)\n    at SignInAppErrorPage.login (C:\\ProgramData\\Jenkins\\.jenkins\\workspace\\staging-sanity\\wdio-cucumber\\test-samples\\nodejs\\wdio\\pageobjects\\bstack-demo\/",
                "impacted_tests": 1
    "re_run": null,
    "build_error": null,
    "is_archived": false,
    "observability_version": {
        "framework_version": null,
        "framework_name": "WebdriverIO-cucumber",
        "sdk_version": "8.36.1"
    "vcs_info": {
        "name": "git",
        "sha": "695155b136e6a6d6db50a4318ff4a39da843f418",
        "branch": null,
        "remotes": [
                "url": "",
                "name": "origin"
        "url": ""
    "ci_info": {
        "job_name": "staging-sanity/wdio-cucumber",
        "name": "Jenkins",
        "build_number": "4165",
        "build_url": "http://localhost:8080/job/staging-sanity/job/wdio-cucumber/4165/",
        "url": null
    "host_info": {
        "hostname": "EC2AMAZ-658H8P8",
        "os": null
    "run_information": [
            "passed": 30,
            "failed": 24,
            "id": "10037842",
            "skipped": 8,
            "unknown": 0
    "observability_url": ""
  • name String

    The name of the build. This is the derived build name after removing the dynamic parts from the name passed by you.

  • status String

    Status of the build run. Possible values are “passed”, “failed”, “unknown”, “skipped”, and “running”

  • duration Integer

    Run duration of the build.

  • user String

    User name of the person who initiated the build.

  • tags Array

    An array of all the tags associated with the build.

  • alerts Array

    A list of all alerts triggered for the build run with alert name and level.

  • build_id String

    Unique ID of the build run. Also referred to as build uuid in some places.

  • build_number Integer

    Serial number of the run for a given build, generated by Test Observability

  • original_name String

    Exact name of the build as passed at the time of ingestion by client. This includes the dynamic parts like build serial numbers as well.

  • finished_at String

    Timestamp of when the build completed

  • started_at String

    Timestamp of when the build started

  • status_stats Object

    Status-wise breakdown of the test runs.

    • passed Integer

      Number of test executions in passed status.

    • failed Integer

      Number of test executions in failed status.

    • pending Integer

      Number of test executions in pending status.

    • skipped Integer

      Number of test executions in skipped status.

    • unknown Integer

      Number of test executions in unknown status.

  • failure_categories Object

    An object with the list of all the categories and the number of tests in each of these statuses.

  • smart_tags Object

    An object with the list of all the smart tags and the number of tests associated with each of the smart tags.

  • unique_errors Array

    An object with a list of top_unique_errors (error description and the number of impacted tests) and an overview (total number of unique errors, with a short insight description).

  • build_error String

    Any errors encountered during the build run.

  • is_archived Boolean

    Specifies if the build run was archived or not.

  • observability_version Object

    Version details of the BrowserStack SDK used, and the test framework details.

  • vcs_info Object

    Version control information of the first run including the version controlling tool, sha value, branch name, url, and remote values.

  • ci_info Object

    Details of the CI tool used to trigger the build for the first run.

  • host_info Object

    Information about the host machine and the OS.

  • run_information Object

    Details of any re-runs of the build run along with re-run summary.

  • observability_url String

    URL to the build run on Test Observability.

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