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You can execute your test on BrowserStack Automate using various OS and Browser combinations. To know about all the available combinations, hit the Browser API. Browser API returns the complete list of OS, browser, and mobile device combinations that BrowserStack supports. Use the data from the API response in your test script and eliminate the manual effort of updating the script every time a new browser version is added.

Protip: Alternatively, you can use the flags latest-beta, latest, latest-1, latest-2 and so on in the browser_version capability for the browser and OS of your choice and you would not require to change your script when new browser versions are released.

Get browser list

GET /automate/browsers.json

Request Parameters



No parameter required.

Response Attributes 200 OK Array


        "os": "Windows",
        "os_version": "10",
        "browser": "chrome",
        "device": null,
        "browser_version": "81.0",
        "real_mobile": null
        "device":"iPhone 11",
        "device":"Samsung Galaxy S20",
        "os":"OS X",
  • os String

    Specifies the OS in the combination.

  • os_version String

    Specifies the version of the OS in the combination.

  • browser String

    Specifies the Browser in the combination.

  • device String

    Specifies the device name (in case of mobile device), null otherwise.

  • browser_version String

    Specifies the version of the browser in the combination.

  • real_mobile String

    Specifies if mobile device is used or not. true if real mobile is used, false otherwise.

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