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Plan API helps obtain information about your Automate plan, including the maximum number of parallel sessions allowed, the number of parallel sessions currently running, and the number of parallel sessions queued.

You can invoke this API to manage the triggering of test sessions on BrowserStack. The API returns the number of currently running parallel sessions, and also the maximum allowed parallel sessions in your plan. This information will help you manage triggering of tests in a better way.

Note: Use the same BrowserStack user credentials to send a Plan API request and to trigger your tests so that you can plan parallels efficiently.

Get plan details

GET /automate/plan.json

Request Parameters



No parameter required.

Response Attributes 200 OK JSON


    "automate_plan": "Automate Mobile",
    "parallel_sessions_running": 20,
    "team_parallel_sessions_max_allowed": 250,
    "parallel_sessions_max_allowed": 250,
    "queued_sessions": 10,
    "queued_sessions_max_allowed": 240
  • automate_plan String

    Specifies your Automate plan name.

  • parallel_sessions_running Integer

    Number of parallel sessions currently running.

  • team_parallel_sessions_max_allowed Integer

    Maximum number of parallel sessions allowed in a team.

  • parallel_sessions_max_allowed Integer

    Maximum number of parallel sessions you can run.

  • queued_sessions Integer

    Number of sessions currently queued.

  • queued_sessions_max_allowed Integer

    Maximum number of sessions that can be queued.

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