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Run your Cypress tests

A quickstart guide to running your Cypress tests across 30+ desktop browsers.


Running your first Cypress test suite on BrowserStack is super easy - just install our CLI, configure the test run settings and start testing. Here’s a quick start guide to help you get started.

Step 1: Install the CLI

First, install the BrowserStack - Cypress CLI via npm:

Command Line
# Install the BrowserStack Cypress CLI
$ npm install -g browserstack-cypress-cli

Step 2: Configure

Next, set up your BrowserStack credentials and configure the browsers that you want to run your tests on. Use the init command to generate a sample browserstack.json file, or alternatively create one from scratch.

Command Line
# Create a sample configuration file for configurations and capabilities
$ browserstack-cypress init

Fill in the auth, browsers, run_settings values in the browserstack.json file to be able to run your tests. Refer to the configuration options to learn more about all the options you can use in browserstack.json and the possible values that you can mention.

Make sure you also specify the npm packages that your tests need to run using the npm_dependencies option in run_settings.

Step 3: Run your tests

After you specify the required run settings, you can run your tests on BrowserStack:

Command Line
$ browserstack-cypress run

You can access the test results on the BrowserStack Automate dashboard.

Next Steps