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Troubleshoot Local Testing setup issues

Resolving the known issues that you might face while setting up the BrowserStack Local App for local testing.

This topic covers the troubleshooting of the following issues that you might face during the Local Testing setup:

BrowserStackLocal app installation issues

When installing the BrowserStack Local app on your machine, you may face issues arising from various restrictions enforced as part of your network policies. Some known issues and possible resolutions are as follows:

A security warning blocking the installation

This issue/resolution applies to the Windows OS only.

After you double-click the Local app installer, you might see the following security warning on your Windows machine:

Security warning during Local app installation

Cause: This is caused due to the ClickOnce Trust Prompt Behavior on Windows. This behavior configures whether any Windows ClickOnce Application installation, such as the BrowserStack Local app obtained from a certain source, such as a website, can be installed or not.

Resolution: To fix this behavior, change a certain Windows registry using the following steps:

  1. Click the Start menu, type Run, and press Enter.
  2. Type regedit and press Enter to open the Registry Editor.
  3. From the left navigation pane, search for the \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\.NETFramework\Security\TrustManager\PromptingLevel registry key. If the key doesn’t exist, create the registry key.
  4. Add the following String Value sub-keys to the above key to change the ClickOnce Trust Prompt Behavior:
    • MyComputer: Enabled
    • LocalIntranet: Enabled
    • TrustedSites: Enabled
    • Internet: Enabled
    • UntrustedSites: Disabled

Contact the IT administrator of your organization to resolve any issues. If you need further help, contact BrowserStack Support.

App files could not be downloaded during installation

This issue/resolution applies to the Windows OS only.

You may face the following errors during installation, indicating certain App files could not be downloaded during the installation process.

Failure to download Local app files during installation

Cause: This issue usually stems from network restrictions disallowing applications to be downloaded from the the internet or accessing certain URLs used for downloading the files used during the installation process.

Resolution: You may either contact the BrowserStack Support for further assistance on this issue or use the BrowserStack Binary for your OS platform, which does not require additional installation.

Connectivity issues after launching the BrowserStack Local app

Though a connection with the BrowserStack Local app happens automatically when you launch a App Live session, occasionally you might have to explicitly connect to the Local app using the Connect button in the App UI menu.

In some cases, the Local app might fail to establish a connection to enable local testing in App Live.

To verify whether you are connected, complete the following steps:

Access the Local app UI in the system tray to check the current app connection status. If the current status is Connected as shown in the following screenshot, the connection is successfully established and you can continue local testing in App Live. If the current status is Disconnected, click Connect to open the Local Console in your default browser.

Connecting the Local App

The Local Console is designed to use the same access key used in an earlier connection to connect to the Local App. In case the Local Console does not connect automatically, enter the access key manually, and then click Connect. You can get the access key from your BrowserStack Account Settings page.

Local Console connection page

Verify your connection status in the App UI. If the connection fails, you might get the following error:

Local Console connection error

This error indicates the Local App was unable to connect with BrowserStack servers required for local testing to work. There may be a number of reasons why this might be happening.

The following are some known issues and possible resolutions:

Proxy server being used to access the internet

Cause: If you are accessing the internet through a proxy server, configured either on the OS or the browser level, you need to enter your proxy details in the Local Console. If you are unsure whether your network settings use any proxy, use this guide to verify.

Resolution: To resolve this issue, you need to configure your proxy settings on the Local Console. To configure your proxy settings, obtain the proxy details (host, port, authentication details if the proxy requires authentication) from your network/IT team.

Complete the following steps after you enter the access key on the Local Console and see the proxy connection error:

  1. For the Is your network restricted by an enterprise firewall or proxy? question, click Yes, I have a proxy. Proxy error
  2. On the Settings prompt, enter the proxy details and click Connect. Configure Proxy Your proxy is configured and you are taken to the Local Console. On the Local Console, you can see the Connected status.

WebSockets traffic blocked by the network

Cause: The Local app connects to BrowserStack servers through a WebSocket connection. For more information about how Local app connects, check out this page. Any restrictions to this traffic in the organization’s network may cause the connection to fail. Visit this page to confirm if WebSockets are working correctly in your network.

Resolution: Contact the IT team of your organization and request them to allow all traffic for the wildcard domain * or explicitly allow WSS traffic on ports 80 and 443 in your network. If you need any further assistance, contact BrowserStack Support.

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