Simulate Network Conditions

In many cases, you would want to test how your websites looks and performs on browsers with different networks (2G, 3G, LTE etc.,) that have varied upload & download speeds & latencies.

To simulate these network conditions, you can use one of our presets, or define your own custom network conditions using the browserstack.networkProfile and browserstack.customNetwork capabilities. You can also change the network conditions mid-way during the test run, just like in real world where the end-user’s network varies.

Specifying the network profile to start the tests with

You can use the browserstack.networkProfile capability to set the network profile the test should start with. By default, each device will have unhindered WiFi connection with Internet connectivity.

Capability Description Expected values
browserstack.networkProfile The network profile to start the test with A string.

2g-gprs-good, 4g-lte-advanced-lossy

See the list of all pre-defined network profiles

If you have unique network conditions to test in, you can use the browserstack.customNetwork to specify the connection speed, latencies and the packet loss %.

Capability Description Expected values
browserstack.customNetwork The custom network condition to start the test with A string.


Specify the desired download speed, upload speed, latency in milliseconds and packet loss percentage

Changing the network profile while the tests are running

You can use the following REST API to switch network profiles in the middle of the test run.

Type Value
API Endpoint<sessionid>/update_network.json
Content type application/json
Authorization Basic authorization with your username and accesskey
JSON to send {"networkProfile":"4g-lte-good"} or {"customNetwork":"1000,1000,100,1"}

Read more about getting the session ID of the running test.

Complete list of network profiles

Profile Name Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps) Latency (ms) Packet Loss (%)
2g-gprs-good 50 30 500 1
2g-gprs-lossy 30 20 650 2
edge-good 250 150 300 0
edge-lossy 150 100 500 1
3g-umts-good 400 100 100 0
3g-umts-lossy 200 50 200 1
3.5g-hspa-good 1800 400 100 0
3.5g-hspa-lossy 900 200 190 1
3.5g-hspa-plus-good 7000 1500 100 0
3.5g-hspa-plus-lossy 2000 600 130 1
4g-lte-good 18000 9000 100 0
4g-lte-high-latency 18000 9000 3000 0
4g-lte-lossy 7000 3000 120 1
4g-lte-advanced-good 25000 18000 80 0
4g-lte-advanced-lossy 15000 10000 70 1
Android only
0 0 0 0
Android only
0 0 0 0

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