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Try the new capability builder with a fresh look, SDK configuration, easier navigation and quick browser device selection


Capabilities are a series of key-value pairs that allow you to configure your Selenium tests on the BrowserStack Selenium grid.

Use our Capabilities Generator to configure your Selenium test suite in the language of your choice. The capabilities generator let's you select from a comprehensive set of options you can use to customize your tests on the BrowserStack Selenium grid. Start by selecting your desired capabilities below.

You can also find out more about each capability by scrolling to our Capabilities Reference section.

Capabilities Generator

Configure capabilities
Select core capabilities
Operating System
This device is not available in the free plan. Please upgrade to a paid plan.
We now support passing regular expressions in device and OS version capabilities on BrowserStack App Automate. Please refer to our documentation. We now support testing on latest iOS minor versions on BrowserStack App Automate. Please refer our documentation
1024 x 768
IE Specific capabilities
Edge Specific capabilities
Safari specific capabalities
Firefox and Geckodriver capabilities
Chrome Specific capabilities
Project details (Project, Build & Session Name)
Specify a name for a logical group of builds
Specify a name for a logical group of tests
Specify an identifier for the test run
Test Configuration
Test localhost / internal servers in your network
Generate screenshots at various steps in your test
Enable video recording during your test
Enable interactive debugging during your test