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Status Badges

Monitor your last-build status using BrowserStack status badges.

BrowserStack status badges

You can monitor your last build’s status, from your project page, using BrowserStack status badges.

Note: The badges will update in real-time to display the status of your latest build.

Build status and corresponding badges:

Status Badge Description
BrowserStackBrowserStackcompletedcompleted Latest build ran successfully
BrowserStackBrowserStackfailedfailed Latest build has a session error
BrowserStackBrowserStacktimeouttimeout Latest build has a session timeout
BrowserStackBrowserStackrunningrunning A build is currently executing
BrowserStackBrowserStackemptyempty Project doesn’t have any builds
BrowserStackBrowserStack404404 Bad request.
For example: invalid key

Adding status badges to your project page

Badges can be added as markdown (to your README) or an HTML snippet (to your project site). Follow the steps below:

1. Pick a project

To add status badges to a project, you need to give it a project name. If you haven’t specified a project name for your builds / sessions, add the capability project: <project_name> in your test scripts.

Run the following command:

Note: If you don’t have project names specified for your builds / sessions, the command above will return a blank response.

2. Obtain badge key

Obtain the status badge key for your project.

Note: Generating a badge key makes your project’s BrowserStack dashboard public.
curl -u "YOUR_USERNAME:YOUR_ACCESS_KEY"<project-id>/badge_key

3. Add snippet to your project site or README

Replace the <badge_key> with what you obtained in the previous step and add the following markdown to your project’s README.

[![BrowserStack Status](<badge_key>)](<badge_key>)

OR you can add the following HTML snippet to your project site.

<a href="<badge_key>"><img src='<badge_key>'/></a>

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