Using sendKeys on Remote IE11 Browsers

You can correctly input text on remote IE11 browsers in Automate through a custom capability.


While running a Selenium test on IE11—locally or through a Grid—you’ll occasionally come across a bug with the sendKeys command. Due to this bug, IEDriver mistypes special characters and/or drops some letters from the input string. (Refer to the GitHub Issue page for more information.)

BrowserStack has a custom capability that fixes the issue with sendKeys on IE11 browsers.

Capability Value
browserstack.sendKeys true, false

Default: false


The sample below shows how to use browserstack.sendKeys capability for your test:

caps.setCapability("browserstack.sendKeys", "true");

capabilities['browserstack.sendKeys'] = 'true';
capability.SetCapability("browserstack.sendKeys", "true");
$caps['browserstack.sendKeys'] = "true";
caps["browserstack.sendKeys"] = "true"
caps["browserstack.sendKeys"] = "true"
my $capabilities = {
  "browserstack.sendKeys" => "true"

If the browserstack.sendKeys capability does not resolve the issue, contact support.