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Each build consists of one or more test sessions. Each session is a remote Detox session executed on a single BrowserStack device. Each session has a unique identifier (session ID) associated with it. Use our REST API to access any given test session’s execution details and debugging information. You can obtain the session ID from your session details on the App Automate dashboard.

Get session details

GET /app-automate/detox/v2/android/sessions/{sessionID}.json

Get details of a test session including its status and debugging information such as Detox client logs and test video recording.

Request Parameters


-X GET ""
  • sessionID* String

    The unique identifier of the test session.

Response Attributes 200 OK application/json


  "automation_session": {
    "name": "Detox 20_1_2  App 20_13_2",
    "duration": 34,
    "os": "android",
    "os_version": "12.0",
    "browser_version": "app",
    "browser": null,
    "device": "Samsung Galaxy S22",
    "status": "done",
    "hashed_id": "a4de383d3055eb0ddfcefe4838199b6ecc7ec0a5",
    "build_name": "ABC Health",
    "project_name": "AAP 12132",
    "build_hashed_id": "bada10e552f3086cefe6055279352a4e15b762ae",
    "browserstack_status": "done",
    "created_at": "2023-12-12T08:05:05.000Z",
    "browser_url": "",
    "public_url": "",
    "video_url": "",
    "device_logs_url": "",
    "session_terminal_logs_url": "",
    "build_terminal_logs_url": "",
    "app_details": {
      "app_url": "bs://0e4fdeee23f612eb322f87d205b11a9b3a7ef8c9",
      "app_name": "com.abchealth.phoenix.e2e",
      "app_version": "99.99.99",
      "app_custom_id": null,
      "uploaded_at": "2023-12-11T10:47:00.000Z"
  • automation_session_detox Object

    Details of test session.

    • name String

      Name of your test session.

    • duration String

      Total duration of test session.

    • os String

      OS on which your session was executed. Possible values are android and ios

    • os_version String

      OS version on which your session was executed.

    • browser_version String

      The value will always be equal to app for App Automate test sessions.

    • device String

      Name of the device on which session was executed.
      Example Google Pixel 3

    • status String

      Status of the session. The possible values for session status are :

      Key Value
      running Test session is currently running.
      done The test session completed.
      timeout The test session was idle for 90 seconds. If no additional Detox commands are recevied for 90 seconds, the test session is terminated, and the session status is updated to Timed out.
      failed The test session encountered an error.
    • reason String

      Reason for session termination.

    • build_name String

      Name of the build. If a build name was not set, the default value is Untitled Project

    • project_name String

      Name of the project. If a project name was not set, the default value is Untitled Build

    • logs String

      URL to fetch text logs for your test session.

    • public_url String

      Publicly accessible URL to share the report of this test session with anyone outside your team.

    • appium_logs_url String

      URL to fetch Detox logs for your test session.

    • video_url String

      URL to fetch video recording for your test session.

    • device_logs_url String

      URL to fetch device logs for your test session.

    • app_details Object

      Details about application under test for your test session.

      • app_url String

        The app_url of your uploaded app on BrowserStack.

      • app_name String

        Package name of the app.

      • app_version String

        Version of the app.

      • app_custom_id String

        Custom ID defined for the uploaded app.
        Example: SampleApp. Accepted characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ., -, _. All other characters are ignored. Character limit is 100.

      • uploaded_at String

        Timestamp at which app was uploaded on BrowserStack.

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