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Everyone in your team gets access to 3000+ real devices and browsers. No interruptions or wait times.

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Unlimited Users

Add as many users as you like. Give access to as many users as you like at affordable pricing. No need to share accounts.

Advanced Access Control

Create sub-teams, customize dashboard views, and allocate parallel threads to teams based on their testing needs.

Single Sign-On

Simplified login experience. Integrate with your existing identity provider for authentication.

Real Devices for Safari Browser Testing

Real Device Access

3000+ desktop browsers and real mobile devices. Data-driven market coverage. No emulators. Legacy versions are also available.

Personal Device Cloud

Instant access from anywhere for every tester on the team. Real-time debugging with integrated dev tools.

Real User Conditions

GPS and IP geolocation(test websites from over 45+ countries), Natural gestures, Screen Orientation.

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Our platform is built to make large teams successful and ship with confidence.

Test from anywhere, anytime

Fire up any browser or device in seconds. Everyone in a team is equipped with a reliable testing platform to run tests on real devices and browser/OS combinations.

Remote work made easy

All your team members can collaborate better with effortless bug filing integrations like Jira, Slack, GitHub, and Trello. Testing without worrying about the availability of devices.

Cost-effective for large teams

Lower per user pricing. Lock in a price today, and keep adding users going forward.

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GDPR Compliant

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SOC2 Compliant

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“BrowserStack allows us to have access to tons of different configurations that we could never host ourselves…it’s as if the machine were right there in our office. It’s amazing!”

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