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  • Your own lab of Mobile Emulators

    Your own lab of Mobile Emulators

    We've gone through the pain of setting up Android SDK's and different versions of iOS with XCode so that you spend more time testing. Start testing on our large range of mobile and tablet emulators. View our complete list of mobile emulators »

  • Real Device Configuration

    Real Device Configuration

    Every emulator at BrowserStack has exact configuration of a mobile or tablet device. Android emulators are loaded with device SDK from mobile manufacturers.

  • Test local and internal servers

    Test local and internal servers

    Test your internal server or local html designs in our remote mobile browser emulators through our secure local testing setup. Learn how to configure a local testing setup »

  • Mobile & Tablet Devices

    Mobile & Tablet Devices

    Get complete range of mobile & tablet devices for testing. Test website in browsers of iPad, iPhone, Nexus One, Galaxy Tab, Motorola Droid, Sony Xperia and a lot more. View our complete list of mobile emulators »

  • Official Mobile Emulator

    Official Mobile Emulator

    At BrowserStack you get access to official Google Android emulator, Apple iOS simulator and Opera Mobile emulator. This ensures you get as close as possible to real devices.

  • Browser-Based Access

    Browser-Based Access

    Test mobile browsers straight from your desktop browser. No software installation required, so test from Mac, Windows or Linux. Mobile browser testing made easy!

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