iOS Testing at Scale

Perform iOS testing on a wide range of real devices, including iPhone 15, 14, 13 Pro Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, 6s, iPad Pro 12, Air & Mini & more, running on the latest iOS versions.

Test your websites and mobile apps on a wide spectrum of iOS devices

Latest Versions: iOS 17 and iOS 16 are now available for website & mobile app testing. Get Started Free

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Real Device Cloud

Real iOS Device Cloud

Conduct iOS testing on real iPhones and iPads for the most accurate website and app testing. Instant, browser-based access to the latest and most popular iOS devices.

Latest iOS Versions

Choose from our comprehensive range of iPhones and iPads running on major and minor versions spanning from latest iOS 17 & iOS 16 to older iOS version 7.0

Debug & fix bugs instantly

Debug your iOS apps & websites instantly using device logs, browser console and network logs, video recordings and screenshots for every test you run.

Test on dev environment

Test local servers

Test your iOS mobile apps and websites on internal dev and staging environments by utilizing the secure, encrypted BrowserStack tunnel. No set-up required.

Integrate with iOS frameworks

Integrate Browserstack effortessly with test automation frameworks like XCUITest, Appium, etc. to run your automated iOS tests.

Speed up your test runs

Speed up test runs

Release iOS builds faster by running tests concurrently across devices. Reduce test execution time by more than 10x by using the parallel tests on BrowserStack device cloud.

iOS Versions we support

List of iOS Versions available for testing on.
32 iOS versions

Frequently Asked Questions

iOS is the second most preferred operating system after Android. However, Apple iPhones have gained immense momentum and audience adoption in the global market rapidly. Apple leads smartphone sales in the USA with a market share of 48%. Therefore, it is vital to test applications on real iOS devices. Test Now on iOS Devices.

All Apple devices, like iPhones and iPads, operate on different iOS, like iOS v11, v12, v13, v14, v15, v16, and v17.

  • Each version has varying market share based on the recency and availability of OS upgrades.
  • iOS 16.6, has a 41.44% market share (as of August 2023) among all iOS versions.
  • Given this, it becomes crucial for a business to ensure that the application performs well across different iOS versions and provides a good user experience.

New iOS 17 and iOS 17 Beta available for testing on BrowserStack –  Get Started Free.

iOS Browser Testing enables developers or QA teams to test websites on different browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera) and their versions. The device on which the cross-browser testing is done is an iOS device.

BrowserStack offers multiple real iOS devices, to test websites and apps on. Once a user is logged in to Browserstack App Live, the dashboard provides a range of options for the user to test the app on iOS devices online. One can either choose to upload an app from the computer or directly upload the app from Appstore. Similarly, BrowserStack Live provides access to a range of devices to test websites on iOS. Teams can also automate their tests for iOS devices and integrate with CI/CD tools like CircleCI, TeamCity, Jenkins using our plugins. Get Started Free with iOS Real Device Cloud.

  • Accuracy: Testing iOS apps on multiple devices helps monitor app behavior in real user conditions. Using BrowserStack Real Device Cloud allows testers to activate iOS settings such as Dark Mode, Offline Mode, Low Battery Mode, Assistive Touch, and Network Throttling for accuracy.
  • Early Bug Detection: Testers can detect bugs before users can. Detecting and resolving these bugs in the testing phase helps to deliver robust apps that provide seamless user experiences.
  • Saves Time & Cost: Teams can also save on time and cost required to fix issues once the app is made public, as the apps are tested for real user conditions. Inevitably, fewer bugs show up in production.

One can quickly test an iOS app online using BrowserStack App Live by directly uploading the IPA file from a computer. Test IPA Online Now.

Yes, it is possible to test iOS apps on real devices without the Apple developer program using BrowserStack App Live.

To test iOS apps on a real iPhone or iPad, one simply needs to:

    • Sign up on BrowserStack App-Live for a free trial
    • Choose the desired iPhone or iPad to test on
    • Upload the app from your PC or from the App Store
    • Get started with testing