A World-Class Platform Engineered for Fast, Reliable Testing at Scale

BrowserStack’s globally distributed real device cloud ensures
high-performance testing, wherever you are.

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2 Million

Users and counting


Countries across the globe

60 Million

Tests per month

2 Million

Users and counting


Countries across the globe

60 Million

Tests per month

Mobile Data Centers

Atlanta, GA, USA

Sacramento, CA, USA

Dublin, Ireland

Desktop Data Centers

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Atlanta, GA, USA

Netherlands, EU

High-Performance Testing at your fingertips

Execute fast tests on dependable test infrastructure to deliver great user experiences.

Reliable Infrastructure

Run every test on a highly stable, fully redundant platform having 24/7 real device availability and assured uptime. Trust every test to be accurate and deterministic.

Enhanced Performance

Test faster than ever before. BrowserStack’s distributed footprint ensures continuous proximity to real devices, providing enhanced performance.

Test at scale

Tap into BrowserStack’s global real device cloud of 2,000+ desktop browsers and real devices to ship with confidence from anywhere in the world.

Enterprise-grade security

Security takes precedence everywhere, from the smallest bits of data to the largest data centers housing thousands of devices.

Absolute Data Security

All data is encrypted and inaccessible during transit from your machine to the server. While tests are running, access is highly restricted to you alone.

Pristine Real Devices

When a session ends, Post Test Device Teardown occurs where user data like cookies, passwords, browsing history, apps installed, etc. is completely destroyed.

Stringent Server Security

All our VMs and real devices are located in a high-security zone. Vendors are thoroughly vetted for regulation compliance and security policy implementation.

SOC2 Certified

BrowserStack is SOC2 certified and compliant with the TSP. We comply with the 5 Trust Service Principles and are regularly audited to ensure your—and your organization’s—data is managed securely.

GDPR Compliant

BrowserStack is GDPR compliant. We perform Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DIPA) and employee training to ensure safe data collection, retention, processing, and destruction.

Privacy Shield Certified

BrowserStack is Privacy Shield Certified for all cross-border data transfer from the EU to the US. Our commitment to your personal data protection requirements is enforceable under US Law.

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