Brace for a Quantum Leap in QA

Get ready for a thrilling ride into the future of Quality Assurance at BrowserStack’s QA Leadership Summit!

Against the backdrop of ever-evolving consumer expectations and industries being reshaped by technological progress, the questions arise: Are businesses adequately assessing the functionality, performance, and reliability of systems? Are quality assurance professionals and developers prioritizing the integration of AI into the forefront of the testing lifecycle?

From the initial stages of authoring and creation to seamless execution and lightning-fast debugging, AI is here to boost your efficiency and optimize your development process. Bid farewell to endless hours spent troubleshooting and embrace a future where testing is smarter, faster, and more efficient than ever before.

This is just the beginning! We understand your challenges and stand ready to expand your test coverage beyond imagination. Whether it’s real device testing, accessibility checks, or pixel-perfect visual testing, we’ve got you covered from every angle.

And the excitement doesn’t end here. This edition of the QA Leadership Summit serves as a beacon for those seeking to learn from industry leaders to unlock the true potential of AI and test automation as we reveal strategies to scale your efforts to unprecedented heights.

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking event. Join us at the forefront of innovation as we shape the future of QA together.

QA Leadership Summit



Nakul Aggarwal

CTO & Co-founder, BrowserStack

Joe Colantonio

Joe Colantonio

Founder, Test Guild

Jared Smith

Jared Smith

Executive Director, WebAIM

Girish Vasisht

Girish Vasisht

Quality Engineering Manager, Emirates

Shiva Srinivasan

Shiva Srinivasan

Principal Test Engineer, Clari

Federico Toledo

Federico Toledo

Chief Quality Officer and Co-founder, Abstracta


Snehal Thakkar

Senior Director of Product Management & Strategy, BrowserStack

Simon Prior

Simon Prior

Head of Quality Engineering, easyJet



Director of Quality Engineering, SWBC


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18th April, 2024

8:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT
8.00 AM - 8.34 AM PT

Navigating the Future of Testing & Quality Insights- Test coverage, AI and more

  • Joe Colantonio
    Joe Colantonio
    Test Guild
  • Nakul Aggarwal
    Nakul Aggarwal
    CTO & Co-founder

Join us on a journey into the future of testing, where AI and the BrowserStack Test Platform converge to redefine the boundaries of possibility and pave the way for a transformative era in software quality assurance. By leveraging AI-driven insights and the robust capabilities of BrowserStack, explore how organizations can navigate the complexities of modern software development with confidence.

8.34 AM - 9.04 AM PT
Lightning Talks

Accessibility Demystified for Developers & Testers

  • Jared Smith
    Jared Smith
    Executive Director
  • Arvind Ganeshan
    Arvind Ganesan
    Director of Product Management

In this session, developers and testers will gain invaluable insights into the essentials of accessibility, right from development to testing. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your accessibility journey, you will get practical guidance to kickstart your efforts on the right foot. Don’t miss this opportunity to empower yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to create inclusive digital experiences for all users.

9.04 AM - 9.26 AM PT
Fireside Chat

Crafting a Quality Vision: Defining Objectives and Metrics for Success

  • Shiva Srinivasan
    Shiva Srinivasan
    Principle Test Engineer
  • Dhimil Gosalia
    Dhimil Gosalia
    Senior Director of Engineering

In this session, we delve into setting clear objectives & measurable metrics to craft and achieve a Quality Vision. We’ll begin with understanding roadblocks to achieving it and conclude with best practices and tools that help overcome the roadblocks and achieving your quality vision.

9.26 AM - 9.31 AM PT

Coffee Break

9.31 AM - 9.54 AM PT
Fireside Chat

Transforming Mobile Testing with Automation

  • Nagmani
    Director of Quality Engineering
  • Anshu Hotchandani
    Anshu Hotchandani
    Senior Product Manager

Traditional manual testing methods struggle to keep pace with the demands of agility and scale required by modern development practices. However, the integration of automation into mobile testing processes offers a transformative solution. This session delves into the pivotal role automation plays in revolutionizing the quality assurance (QA) paradigm for mobile applications. We explore how automation streamlines testing workflows, accelerates release cycles, and enhances test coverage while minimizing human error. Whether you’re a seasoned QA professional or new to the world of mobile testing, this session will give you actionable insights to elevate your testing processes.

9.54 AM - 10.10 AM PT
Open Q&A

Ask me Anything

  • Kalpesh Doshi
    Senior Director of Product Management
  • Ajesh Viswambharan
    Director of Quality Engineering
  • Mayuresh Shilotri
    Mayuresh Shilotri
    Director of Customer Engineering & Customer Support

Live Q&A with BrowserStack experts for mobile, functional, visual testing and accessibility testing. Learn more about BrowserStack capabilities, new releases, and roadmap. Understand if BrowserStack is the right fit for your team.

10.10 AM - 10.33 AM PT
Plenary Session

Achieve Quality at Scale with Comprehensive Test Coverage & Automation

  • Federico Toledo
    Federico Toledo
    Chief Quality Officer and Co-founder
  • Simon Prior
    Simon Prior
    Head of Quality Engineering
  • Snehal
    Snehal Thakkar
    Senior Director of Product Management & Strategy

Discover how to elevate software quality with comprehensive test coverage and automation. Learn the best strategies and practices for enhancing defect detection, reducing risks, and boosting confidence in code changes. This session provides actionable insights for QA leaders on integrating test coverage with automation to streamline QA processes, improve efficiency, and ensure superior product delivery.

10.33 AM - 10.59 AM PT
Fireside Chat

Transforming Test Management for today's QA Challenges

  • Girish Vasisht
    Girish Vasisht
    Quality Engineering Manager
  • Ankur Kumar
    Ankur Kumar
    Group Product Manager

Manual processes, complex workflows, and a lack of real-time insights into testing activities can slow down your release cycles. Modern and unified test management is the need of the hour. Join us in this fireside chat as we discuss key challenges and explore best practices for modernizing test management. Discover why modern and unified test management is imperative today for achieving quality at speed and scale.

10.59 AM - 11.00 AM PT

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